Why Book With Us?
We get it. You’re busy. You don’t have time to take a
moment and slow down, because life keeps moving. But
think about when life finally does slow down, what will
you want to remember?

Our goal is to tell your story. Eventually, these photographs
are going to be the only thing you have to look
back on and we want them to accurately reflect you. We
value real moments, and while we’re constantly posing
you, and constantly giving you direction, we’re also snapping
photos in between because those are the moments
when you’re relaxed and yourself.

Lastly, these are your photos. We take everything you
say and ask for to heart! Feel free to send us those Pinterest
boards and bring props to your session!
Shelby & Morgan

Who We Are

We are Shelby & Morgan, wedding and portrait photographers
based in Brownsburg, IN. Dear Emelia Photography
was started with the idea that friendship, family, and
love and the most important values in our lives. While we
love being behind the camera, we photograph to capture
those special moments.

We’ve been together since 2014, and we got married in May 2018! When we’re not taking photos, we’re spending our time taking care of our cat Louis, exploring Indiana, and looking for new ways to decorate our
home. We’re so thankful for each other and that our love for photography brings us closer together.